miércoles, 31 de agosto de 2016

The book of the month.

In my web page I not only set a  Monthly book for free reading in Spanish, but also another one in  English. At the moment of writing this you can read Grandpa & I, but most probably when you read it there is another book, if you read this after September 2016. 

Thus my works are known better spread in various cultures. I must also say that, in addition, I am publishing all my books in Esperanto for free reading. So if you'd like to read me paying nothing, you must only learn Esperanto. :-) 

There are many free courses on Esperanto in the net. You only have to search and will find them. I cannot really recommend you any, since I learnt Esperanto from books, in fact I used The Secondary School Esperanto, by Markarian and Sullivan when I was young and lived in Britain. But since then probably there have appeared a lot of good tutors on Esperanto both on paper and in the net. 

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